Materials, code, & protocol sharing

2023-11-13 Mon

Rick Gilmore




Materials, code, & protocol sharing

Quest: Sharing materials and protocols

Your mission:

What to share


  • Survey instruments
  • Displays


  • Stimulus generation (e.g., computer task)
  • Data analysis code
  • SPSS syntax, R/Python/SAS/MATLAB, etc.
  • Computational environments (e.g., containers)


Where to share

Data repositories


Growth in Databrary investigators and Institutions from # When/how to share

Play & Learning Across a Year (PLAY) Project

Soska et al. (2021)

Figure 2 from Soska et al. (2021)

Figure 1 from Soska et al. (2021)

Table 1 from Soska et al. (2021)

Your turn

  • What do students want researchers to share?
  • What are the pros and cons of active vs. post hoc data curation?

Next time

Open science tools



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