Introductory assignment (due 5:00 pm Tuesday, August 28, 2018)

This assignment takes the place of “participation” credit for Weeks 1 and 2. It is worth four points, two each for each of the two questions. I prefer that you submit your response as an email or as a text file with “PSY 511 Assignment 1” in the subject line. If you submit a MS Word (.docx) document, please include your name in the file name, e.g. if I were submitting an answer, I would use psy-511-assignment-1-gilmore.docx.

I plan to post your answers to the first question on the course website so that we can discuss similarities and differences among our choices. So, please write your answers with that in mind.

1. Pick two papers you want to read and (better) understand (2 points)

  • Provide APA formatted citation (with DOIs)
  • Indicate three concepts/terms from these papers that you are especially interested in understanding

2. Choose a behavior or mental state you want to (better) understand (2 points)

  • Take an information processing perspective and briefly sketch out (in no more than a short paragraph) the main inputs, outputs, and computations involved.
  • When thinking about outputs make sure to distinguish between behaviors (e.g., movements, facial expressions, vocalizations) and physiological states (e.g., changes in heart rate, hormone concentrations in the blood, etc.)

Group presentations

Group Theme Members Presentation Day?
Measuring brain & behavior Kelley, Anna, Alison, Lauren, Rhea
Neurodegeneration & disorder Kaitlin, Sam, Daryl, Emily
Development, aging, & plasticity Liz, Michael, Lia, Chloe, Nate
Cognition & emotion Austen, Brandon, Shane, Natalia

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